KeLani Wellness Spa

We welcome you to KeLani Wellness Spa conveniently located in Downtown Columbia. 

We are a local, practitioner owned, spa working with over 35 years of collective experience in massage and bodywork.

Our sessions are focused and effective while giving careful attention to creating a quiet and healing environment.

We offer you focused deep therapeutic massage sessions, as well as a variety of treatments aimed specifically at relaxation, such as hot stone massage, foot treatments, facials, body wraps and aromatherapy. Each Therapist is a Certified Licensed Professional, highly skilled in the art of touch, coming from backgrounds as varied as the treatments we offer.

We take great pride in our work and believe in sharing our results with you. 

Our goal is to help you find peace and wellness through massage and bodywork. 
​We offer personalized Massage Therapy unique to each individual's need and Custom Facials based on Individual consultation.