KeLani Wellness Spa

  • All Therapist  are Independent Contractors, in other words we each own and manage our own private business. We have come together at one great location to share the amenities. You benefit by having a choice of exceptional Therapists offering a wide range of style and availability. 
  • We are all Licensed Professionals with extensive training, abiding by Missouri state laws, we offer only Therapeutic massage, please do not offend our Therapist by asking about inappropriate or sensual massages.
  • We regularly trade sessions with each other not only to reap the benefits of therapeutic massage but also to continue to improve our session style and technique. If one of us is unavailable you have other options. Contact the Therapist of your choice below, all are by Appointment only, sorry we do not accept walk-ins. Each Therapist has separate website/on-line scheduling or contact information. We look forward to your visit. 

I specialize in slow, specific, deep therapeutic massage all the while working to keep you relaxed, comfortable and pampered. I usually incorporate a variety of techniques as needed to help you find relief from injuries, discomfort and/or chronic pain. This is the “style” in which I perform most massages, I tend to have a heavy hand but will always adjust to your preference.  I do not believe deep, lasting work needs to be painful to receive. I have clients from 18 to 90+yrs and can adjust to any pressure you desire. 

I am also the Rental Manager for KeLani Wellness Spa

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Alison Sower LMT 


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